I Stayed in My Apartment Way Too Long

I started out with an apartment in the city because my commute was just a walk down the street for about 10 minutes. Then I got another job that paid a lot more. I would ride a bicycle to that job as it was a couple of kilometers away. That job lead to another that paid more and had a lot more benefits, but I had to buy a car to get back and forth to work. By the time I had The Moving Guys at my house to move me closer to my career job, I was commuting 90 minutes each way every day back and forth to work. Three solid hours were spent just driving to and from work. Since I had a job I was going to keep for as long as I possibly could, I decided to by a house much nearer to where I worked. I had the money now, and I was glad to be leaving my apartment in the city.

I did not have a single neighbor in the building that was there when I had moved in. All the others had moved on, and I was the last holdout. The landlord said it would be weird to be renting my apartment to someone else. I am very handy with tools and construction knowledge, and I had my own apartment fixed very nice. I even got free materials from my brother-in-law in the construction trades industry to redo the kitchen in granite. It was the only apartment with it. The landlord let me do that stuff because I was there so long and knew what I was doing. Plus, I told him he could have all the upgrades at no charge to him. It only cost me my labor time and a few basic materials as I got most of the supplies for nothing.

I held off moving into the house I bought until I fixed it up the way I wanted it first. I kept up the commute, but I was staying at the apartment less and less. I was camping out in my living room at my new house when I gutted everything to the framing and renovated all the rooms. Then came the big day to have The Moving Guys bring all the furniture.